What is IQoro®?

IQoro® is a medical technology innovation, a neuromuscular training method that helps children and adults regain the complicated and vital ability to eat and swallow. With daily exercise, the brain is stimulated and strengthens the entire muscle chain from mouth to stomach. The training is performed 3 x 5 -10 seconds before meal at three training days a day. The victim may improve or completely regain his swallowing ability within a few months. IQoro® is a product from MYoroface AB.

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About dysphagia

Dysfagi – swallowing difficulties are one of the most common disabilities in the West. Stroke is the major cause of severe dysphagia and affects more and more young people of working age. International figures show that someone is affected by stroke every two seconds, half of them receiving dysphagia. The healthcare system is handled with high costs for stroke care, where many survivors are burdening society after the first emergency phase, with great suffering for the victim and their relatives.