Boost Innovation™ 2017
Focus area: Sensor Technology

Challenge of 2017:

Digitize the world unique neuromuscular device that cures snoring and swallowing problems

Do you want to make a difference? Help us digitize the unique neuromuscular device IQoro® that solves the problem in one of the western worlds most common disabilities in the West – dysphagia. The best solution will be rewarded with 2,500 euro!

”We see an increased need for digitizing our product IQoro®, which is a neuromuscular training method. For a long time, we have been intending to start digitalization to be able to follow our patients’ journey in a smarter way – now we have gotten the opportunity through the Boost Innovation Competition!” – Ylvali Gerling CEO, MYoroface.

Apply with your best solution – win 2,500 euro

Like the rest of society, Swedish healthcare is facing digital challenges. The demand for interacting and activating users is huge and therefore we are searching new methods and solutions to digitize IQoro®. How do you best measure and transfer data from the training device to applications? Perhaps you can implement modern sensor technology and create an associated service or game?

About IQoro®
IQoro® is a medical technology innovation, a neuromuscular training method that helps children and adults regain the complicated and vital ability to eat and swallow. With daily exercise, the brain is stimulated and strengthens the entire muscle chain from mouth to stomach. The training is performed 3 x 5 -10 seconds before meal, three times a day. The affected may improve or completely regain his swallowing ability within a few months.

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Technical requests for the solution
• The power source or sensor should fit in or on the product.
• The product should be able to transfer data to cloud services, mobile applications.
• The technical solutions should be able to be washed for at least 70 Celsius (advantage in dishwasher) or be boiled for a few minutes.
• The technical solutions should measure pressure in the mouth (compare to normal lip force and compare with previous measurements – keep statistics and data).

The treatment method is already user friendly and without side effects. With digitalization, it becomes interactive and transparent, making it even more user friendly and benefiting both patient, doctors, healthcare and society. Your solution could have great potential and several spin-off effects also for other industries, and especially for products with equivalent needs, for example in the manufacturing industry.

Target group
The target group for the digital version of IQoro® is everyone using the training method. Namely; all with swallowing difficulties caused by diseases such as stroke, ms, Parkinsson, acquired brain injury, congenital diagnoses like Down’s syndrome or a common hiatus hernia, as well as elderly with weakened muscles in the mouth and throat that cannot handle food normally. A currently secondary but potentially large target group, is people snoring and people with sleep apnea syndrome.

Keep in mind – remember
As a user of IQoro®, you want to be encouraged to use the product correctly – reminders, statistics and interaction. Someone should be willing to pay for the benefit sensors and applications provide – therefore production technique should not be too expensive or too difficult.

Competition is closed – Deadline Sunday, October 22th, 2017 24:00

Terms for the competition – rules & eligibility

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About Boost Innovation ™

Take the opportunity to win EUR 2,500 in our innovation challenge. Fiber Optic Valley is promoting the Boost Innovation competition for the fifth time and invites you to enter. We’re inviting students, researchers and entrepreneurs from all over the world to take the challenge. Solve a problem, win money and make valuable business connection.

The aim of the Boost Innovation™ contest is to contribute to regional growth by stimulating transnational cooperation between different operators in Fiber Optic Valley’s business areas in collaborations that might ultimately lead to the development of new innovations.

The competition seeks to define new development areas in Fiber Optic Valley’s business areas – broadband and sensor technology. For example, it could be verifying a project to commercialize a new product or service, developing a prototype or a business model, or defining the market potential of an innovation

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